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Globalization today has not only created new opportunities, but has also brought new challenges. In a global, liberalized and interconnected world where opportunities and changes are great, institutions must extend their capacity to interact within the global sphere. Universitas Gadjah Mada’s Faculty of Law, a well-established legal education institution and recognised as one of the top law faculties in Indonesia, has the capacity to extend its reach to an international level. This extension is to be facilitated through a process of “internationalization” that will be driven by the mission of Universitas Gadjah Mada: “(to) become an excellent and prominent research university according to international standards, orientated around the interests of the people and based on the Pancasila”. This mission has motivated and encouraged the Faculty of Law at Universitas Gadjah Mada, as a leading educational institution in Indonesia, to become part of an educational setting at an international level, especially to prepare its students to work to a level that is comparable to that of students from outstanding universities around the world.

The Faculty of Law at Universitas Gadjah Mada understands the need for a long-term strategy to meet this mission, in order to continuously create new approaches and adapt to existing ones which can assist the institution deal more effectively with new opportunities and challenges. One strategic way to address this mission is to establish an international program within the Faculty of Law.

The international program shall promote the Faculty of Law and the Universitas Gadjah Mada internationally, in line with our mission to become an internationally recognized higher educational institution. Graduates will be expected to master the scientific knowledge and practical skills of law in an open-minded, critical and tolerant manner that is sensitive to individuals, especially in relation to legal and judicial matters, and be able to implement their skills and knowledge in solving legal and judicial problems. Our modest and open-minded society, full of the warm and friendly people of the city of Yogyakarta support this process.

The international program has been arranged under the coordination of the International Program Office, the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The IP Office manages activities and programs that relate particularly to the International Undergraduate Program (IUP). This program relates to the development of international networks with foreign universities and other institutions. The IUP shall concentrate on three areas—Public International Law, Business Law, and Constitutional Law—and invite Indonesian and foreign nationals to partake in the study and teaching of these areas. As well as the IUP, several programs have already been held by the International Program in cooperation with other foreign universities and international institutions, in the form of training and seminars, workshops, summer courses, internships, auditing students, and visiting professors.

By joining the International Program you will be giving yourself the chance to realize that precious opportunities are within your reach.


Applicants for admission must possess a graduation certificate from a reputable High school in Indonesia or Abroad.
Applicants for admission must register for and take the acquisition test conducted by IUP Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjah Mada.
Applications for admission must be submitted latest:
1) 4th week of December 0f 2010 for period I (10 and 11 of January 2011 will be the test date),
2) 4th week of March of 2011 for period II (8 and 9 of April 2011 will be the test date),
3) 4th week of May of 2011 for period III (1st week of June will be the test date)
The following items are required to complete the application for admission:
1) Download and print the admission form,
2) Fill in the form,
3) Copy of High School Report and National Exams score,
4) Three recent (3x4)and (4x6) Photographs,
5) Pay the application fee IDR 1,000,000 (is non refundable),
Send all the documents above to Secretariat IUP Faculty of Law, UGM, Yogyakarta

click here to download the admission form