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Group of students from the University of Gadjah Mada "Wolfgang" succeeded in developing a virtual classroom innovations to overcome the limitations of access to education. Innovation is using the tool called Interactive multiuser multitouch Mimbo Box or which can be applied at home or remote schools.

The technology won the third championship of information technology competition "Imagine Cup" Indonesia in 2010 was designed to hold classes remotely using the internet connection. Unfortunately, new limited Mimbo deliver voice and writing teacher, could not be used for face to face between students and faculty.

"We're just taking the essence of the educational process, namely the teacher and her writing voice," said Ferro Chairman Wolfgang Feriza team at GMU, Thursday (06/03/2010). Ferro addition, other group members are Satrio Nindito Iqbal, Riza Oktavian, and Gathot Dawn.

Mimbo technology and software consists of a touch screen table (table touch) that can be used four students simultaneously. Software in it consists of two interconnected applications, ie applications for students and teachers create an application.

For students, the facilities available ranging from notes, reading digital books, and consulting with teachers. The facilities available for teachers to teach and assess. In addition to the virtual classroom, equipped Mimbo digital library that contains books. There are also applications to test the ability of evaluation of student learning.

Mimbo is also equipped with a program translator application discussions (translated chat room) so that the typed text will be directly translated into the desired language. This application is intended to facilitate students who want to consult with teachers in other countries.

Satrio Nindito Iqbal said the innovation was originally intended to anticipate the limited access to education in remote areas. However, the realization in remote areas encountered several obstacles, namely the high cost of production which reached approximately USD 400 million to 120 students ranging from infrastructure and limited Internet connection or electricity in these remote areas.

In urban areas, said Iqbal, Mimbo potentially be used by the organizers of school at home (home schooling) that the average middle class family comes from above.