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About the vocational school

GMU vision is "To be a world-class research university excellence, independence, dignity, and inspired to serve the interests of Pancasila and the prosperity of the nation." One manifestation of this vision, particularly in terms of contribution to GMU to prepare skilled workers contribute based on science, is organizing a Diploma Program into vocational school management.

Vocational school is the Institute of Diploma in Education as stipulated in the Bylaws GMU is equal to the polytechnic academic executive that organizes vocational education programs and / or Diploma programs include the Professional Education at the level D1, D2, D3, and D4 which are terminal.

Attend vocational schools to be closer to (link and match) between the provision of vocational education graduates with the user community. Updates include process development and academic facilities, student activities and cooperation with relevant agencies.
Characteristics of vocational schools with a majority of the practice is characterized as a translation of the underlying theory so that students become skilled learners prior to entering the workforce after graduation will be.